वैलेंटाइन या नो वैलेंटाइन- राइड ऑन !!


Kranti Sambhav

सफ़र में हम भी आप भी। नोट्स एक्सचेंज करने के लिए ये ब्लॉग। कुछ म्यूज़िक, कुछ मोटरसाइकिल, कुछ कार तो कुछ बेकार की बातें।

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2 Responses

  1. Vijeta says:

    Nice video and website. Nice voice-over too.
    I think you love to travel.
    Me too. But I can’t drive. So my travel story is always different. Sitting on the window seat, capturing roadside scenes in my eyes (sometimes in mobile cam too) and deeply thinking.
    Celebrating a V-day depends from person to person and his/her situation.
    One celebrates or not, likes or not the V-day; it depends. But one thing for sure, “Everyone has a special feeling for this day”.

  2. Kranti Sambhav says:

    thanks for writing 🙂 yes I love to travel..V day was another excuse to remember what we love doing.. in this case travelling.

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